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(Currently Unavailable) Workshops

Healthy Hips Workshop $549Purchase required to enroll

This two day workshop will cover the fundamental ideas around training people out of hip pain. We'll cover:

  • general philosophy and approach to hip problems
  • specific movement assessments we find helpful with our clients and the contexts in which they're useful
  • specific exercises and the contexts in which they are useful
  • complexity of hip muscular anatomy and their applicability in specific case studies
  • how to increase a human being's overall physical capacity even in the face of chronic pain
  • Posture Clinic $220Purchase required to enroll

    This live, in-person posture clinic will teach you how to dramatically improve your posture and keep it that way. If you find yourself constantly hunching your shoulders protectively whenever you meet new people or get stressed (and you hate how that looks!)

  • If you’re suffering from anterior pelvic tilt or kyphosis (AKA HUNCHBACK POSTURE).
  • If you can’t seem to stop yourself from stooping forward when you’re at your desk or on your phone and you know it’s affecting your neck
  • If you can’t seem to sit comfortably no matter what “ergonomic” gear you buy to make things better.
  • If you feel like you’ve been “shrinking” due to bad posture and you want to fix it.
  • If you’re in frequent pain because of the way you sit or stand
  • We created this event specifically for you.