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First 60 Minute Session (Vincent)

At a first session, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Vincent to discuss the challenges you’re facing and the goals you’re looking to achieve. You’ll leave with a clear picture of how we can help and what to expect in the process. Exercise will begin the first day to establish your baseline and see what needs you have and where your movements can be improved.

Vincent is soft-spoken, detail-oriented, and is an expert at coaching proper movement patterns. He has helped tech workers, managers, investors, and stay-at-home parents reach new levels of fitness safely and effectively. His chief concern is helping you understand and achieve proper form and then gradually increasing your ability to do all the things you love to do outside the gym.

All staff members are well-versed in the Upright Health approach and are able to help you achieve your goals. If you have a situation that presents a perplexing roadblock, everyone at Upright Health will confer and work together to help you move forward. Matt may step into your sessions to assist when it may be helpful.

Morning Afternoon Evening
Nov 19 Monday 0 1 Times Available 0
Nov 20 Tuesday 0 8 Times Available 0
Nov 21 Wednesday 0 7 Times Available 1 Times Available
Nov 22 Thursday 0 5 Times Available 1 Times Available